I aim to be a supportive resource for you to help you feel better quickly and sustainably, and to collaborate with you to get you on a preventive course for long term health and vitality. I want to help you thrive. As both an acupuncturist and a naturopath, I’m able to integrate the ancient healing practices of China with Western medicine to provide the best of both conventional and natural medicine. In my practice I welcome a wide variety of patients from adolescents to seniors, with a focus on cancer support (naturopathic oncology), physical pain and injuries, endocrinology (hormones, hypothyroidism, diabetes), and mental health issues (such as anxiety, depression, and living with chronic illness).

The treatments that I favor are natural, safe, and effective. They include acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine: diet and lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, hands-on techniques such as craniosacral therapy, mind-body approaches, counseling, and pharmaceutical medications when necessary. I am committed to helping my patients heal, to educating my patients about their health and their options for healing, and to treating the whole person, not simply treating one symptom or aspect of the person.